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Mammoth Excel Hybrid 8000 Mattress


Product Information:

The Mammoth Excel Hybrid 8000 is all about luxury sleep. It’s their top-of-the-line mattress with a bunch of features designed to cradle you in comfort.

  • It’s a deep mattress, at 30cm, with a plush top layer of cooling MEDICAL GRADE™ FOAM. They call it a “sumptuous soft feel sleep surface” which sounds pretty dreamy.
  • Thousands (yes, 8000 thousand) of pocket springs give you that bouncy support that helps keep your spine aligned.
  • They’ve got some techy stuff in there too, with posture zones to target different parts of your body and distribute your weight evenly.

Overall, it’s designed for those who want the best sleep possible and are willing to invest in it. Sounds like a cloud, doesn’t it?

Extra Information:

  • Only Available in King size
  • Brand New Mammoth Excel Hybrid 8000 special offers 
  • Limited Stock. Best Price Guaranteed

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